*West Virginia* awarded *Area Development’s* Silver Shovel for economic development

The economic accolades keep coming to West Virginia. AreaDevelopment.com‘s annual Golden Shovel Awards, which highlight states with the most vigorous economic development, chose West Virginia as a recipient for its Silver Shovel award for states with fewer than 3 million in population, the second-highest ranking awarded.

The site compiled the list by collecting information from all 50 states about their top-10 job creation and investment projects, new jobs created in relation to population, combined dollar amount of total investments, number of new facilities, and diversity of industries represented. The winning state in each population category was awarded the Golden Shovel, with runners up receiving the Silver Shovel.

Through difficult times, West Virginia has spurred economic development, enacted business-friendly incentives, and forged strong bonds between businesses, government and the community.

Thanks a booming natural gas sector and growth in multiple manufacturing sectors, West Virginia is projected to surpass pre-recession employment by the end of this year.

States receiving Golden Shovel awards in their population category were Texas, Georgia, Kansas and Alabama.

States receiving Silver Shovel rewards in their population category were California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia and Utah.

The full list of this year’s Golden and Silver Shovel award winners, and detailed analysis can be found here.


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